Gord is a visionary leader with the highest level of integrity. He invites others to make the vision their own and attracts talented people who are passionate about what they do, and are inspired by the company’s vision.

Gord creates thriving, innovative cultures where individuals have the freedom to create their best work and take pride in their efforts. Whatever organization Gord gets behind flourishes as a result of his ability to create something, bring it to market, and grow in a competitive arena.

- Elle Crane CCH


Authenticity is a rare leadership trait. Gordon Doell understands his true self and believes people work better together when they truly understand each other. He is transparent about his strengths as a visionary, creator and negotiator and while these traits are important, what separates him and makes him such an incredible leader is his character, generosity and faith, all openly exhibited through his authentic nature.

Gord loves the deal. His passion for creating and building businesses is a joy to participate in. He truly believes that partnerships only work if they are amazing for all parties and his ability to make a deal happen for mutual benefit is unmatchable.

Gord and I have known each other since 2014. We originally met to discuss a partnership between our two companies. He exhibited everything I described above at that first meeting and he continues to do so today.

It is my heartfelt privilege to recommend Gord. He is the real deal. Gord builds amazing companies with empowered cultures. He is precisely the type of individual companies should work with in a sale or partnership. He does what is right and exhibits integrity beyond measure.

- Peter Meyers

Principal, RedFoxLab

For 18 years Gordon has been a client and friend of mine. I know Gord to be a visionary entrepreneur. My experience of him is that he is a committed and passionate leader in his professional and personal life who holds himself to lofty standards.

His knowledge of the industries in which he participates is exceptional, not to be outweighed however by his generosity in spirit and in fact, or by his sincere caring for and loyalty to the people in his life. In the time I have known Gord he has been masterful in seeing his ideas executed. Like most successful visionaries, he is also a committed life-long learner stretching the boundaries of what others think as possible

- Phil Holcomb

Seminar Leader/Coach, Extraordinary Learning

Gordon is a gentleman on every level. He negotiates honestly, thoughtfully, and with incredible focus for a fair deal. He is exceptional in his real estate expertise and loves a job well done.

He is passionate about development and prides himself on anticipating consumer's wants, needs, and desires while at the same time staying true to his belief that every dollar must be well spent and stretched to the maximum potential. I am grateful to have worked with Gordon and would welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future, without question, if the right opportunity presented itself!

- Chayah L. Masters

Producer, Rumination Films